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The Insights Personal Development System

Whether one is seeking to become a more effective communicator, a more interdependent colleague or a more valuable team member, the Insights Personal Development tools provide precise and accurate information that forms the basis for clear understanding and positive action. Developed in the U.K. and based on the philosophy and research of C.G. Jung, these instruments have no peer in terms of their adherence to Jung’s work with psychological archetypes and preference typology.

A twenty-five question on-line evaluator produces the foundation report plus a host of options including a management report, an effective selling report, a personal development report and a page of interview or coaching questions.

A 360° report is generated from a ten-question evaluator answered by workplace colleagues with multiple level perception of the individual participant.

A Team Effectiveness Report is generated from a separate evaluator in which all team members rate their team against sixteen elements that characterize desirable team performance.

Insights Compass is an e-learning program comprised of forty modules dealing with personal and professional growth that can be accessed twenty-four hours a day by participants and/or coaches.

Norman and Madeleine York, accredited Insights practitioners with many years of practical experience in working with psychometric instruments, develop and support associates in Austin and Houston.

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